Welcome to Bluegreen Resorts

Boasting more than 60 owned and managed properties nationwide, Bluegreen Resorts offers customers a wealth of vacation ownership opportunities. The company operates as part of Bluegreen Corporation, which was founded in 1966 and provides an array of lifestyle and leisure products through its family of affiliated companies.

Bluegreen Resorts timeshare owners can fully customize their stays at premier resorts and hotels via a unique Vacation Points system. Subject to availability and remaining points balance, owners select the season, resort, accommodation type, and length of stay that suits them best. Owners also enjoy exchange network access to approximately 3,700 resorts around the globe. Unused points can be passed on to friends or applied toward future vacations; in addition, points can be borrowed from future years as needed.

  • 11 Amazing Insider Tips for Walt Disney World First-Timers

    If your family is like most, you’ve probably spent months planning and saving for your first trip to Walt Disney World. So, when the big day finally arrives, you’ll want to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Read on for some great insider tips to help you make the absolute most of your first Walt Disney World visit.

    1. Be flexible about your trip dates.

    calendarGenerally, Orlando’s theme parks are busiest during school vacations. If you can take your kids out of school for a few days, you’ll find traveling

  • 7 Great Phoenix Attractions You Can Enjoy for Free

    Trying to stick to a budget while you’re on vacation can be tough. Fortunately, Phoenix makes it easy for you to enjoy a wide range of attractions, sights, and experiences free of charge. Here are some of the top picks for thrifty travelers wanting to make the most out of a visit to this unique state capital:

    1. Phoenix Art Museum

    The largest art museum in the southwestern U.S., the Phoenix Art Museum boasts a comprehensive collection featuring everything from classic European works to contemporary photography. There is also a special focus on Western American art and the cultural history of

  • Wisconsin’s 7 Most Amazing Natural Wonders

    With spring just around the corner, chances are your thoughts are turning to the great outdoors after a winter spent cooped up inside. And for a great vacation spot full of natural wonders, it’s hard to beat Wisconsin. Known for its beautiful forests and clean waters, Wisconsin is an excellent destination for nature-lovers. Make your home base at Bluegreen’s Christmas Mountain Village, an 800-acre resort that’s perfect in any season, and head out to explore the state’s rugged natural beauty. Here are seven top outdoor Wisconsin wonders you won’t want to miss.

    Devil’s Lake State Park

    Not far from Wisconsin